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Flea and tick populations have been rising steadily in recent years. These biting pests have become increasingly resistant to traditional methods of treatment and can be very difficult to control because of the resistance they have developed. Fleas and ticks also breed prolifically. In addition, ticks in particular can live for several months without a blood meal and can therefore survive inside homes for a long time! And did you know that in one day, a single flea can bite your cat or dog more than 400 times? While it is biting, a single flea can consume more than its own body weight of your pet’s blood! Fleas and ticks pose a serious health risk to both humans and pets as they can transmit dangerous bacteria, viruses, diseases and parasites. Pest 911 LLC offers both flea and tick control services for to protect your home, family and pets. Cleaning & vacuuming are important for effective tick control, but specialized pest control treatments are usually needed to eliminate and control ticks.

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